25 Slogan dan Jargon Linux terpopuler

Apa slogan atau jargon linux kamu :

Dibawah ini akan saya terangkan slogan-slogan/ jargon dari berbagai linux #Intro bagi linuxer kalau belum tau apa jargon linux yang di pakai menurut saya belum afdol.#cumaopini yang langsung saja ini jargon dari berbagai linux yang paling populer:

1.Debian : The Universal Operating System

2.Linux Mint : From Freedom came elegance

3.Ubuntu : Linux For Human Beings
4.Elementary Os : A fast and open replacement for Windows and osX

5.Open Suse : Linux For Open Minds
6.Bactrack :The quiter You become , the more able to hear.

7.Kali Linux :  The quiter You become , the more able to hear./Our Most advancedPenetration Testing Disitribution ever.

8.Fedora : Freedom, Friiends, Features, First.
9 Red HaT : tHE world's open source leader.

10.Mandriva : A better operating sytem.

11.OpenMadrive: A delicious linux recipe. Fun flavouured.

12.Bodhi : The Enlightened Linux Distribution

13.PcLinuxOS:  So cool  ide cube are jealous.

14.Arch : keep it simple. Stupid.

15.Mageia : Change your prespective.

16.Manjaro : Enjoy the simplicity

17.LXLE: Reviev The old PC

18. Tyni Core : Linux Fast . Easy Modular, extendable. 

19.Sabayon : Open Your Surce , open your mind.

20.Vector : Discover your difference.

21.CenTos: The Comunity Enterprise Operating Sytem.

22. Pinguy OS: Because Using a computer is meant to be easy.

23.BackBox Linux: Try to get back your box.. with Backbox Linux

24.Cyborg Hawk Linux: World's Most Advanced, Powerful and Beautiful Penetration Testing Distro Ever !

25.SkanzaOS : SMK BISA.

oke dari slogan diatas agan pakai yang mana, atau paling keren yang mana silahkan koment di halaman koment. 

kalau saya pakainya : The quiter You become , the more able to hear. sama From Freedom came elegance. silahkam koment and share dibawah.

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